Paper Eaters offers on-site, mobile shredding as well as regular pick-ups or one-time purge services.


If you choose our regular pick-up service, we provide you with secure bins that are stored at your office for convenience.

We offer the following bins:

For bin specifications, please download the PDFs below.

The Shredinator
The Shredinator is designed to fit in tight spaces, such as beside a desk or under a counter. It holds 60 lbs of paper and there is no bag required for easy collection. The completely removable lid is lockable and secure and multiple units can use the same key for easy collection purposes.
PDF Download  The Shredinator - Specs

The I-Series, Secure Collection Carts
The I-Series Secure Collection Carts provide a secure document collection, offering up to 350 lbs of paper holding capacity. The external hasp or internal Lockjaw® locking system secures the lid to the container to prevent tampering and the removal of sensitive documents.
PDF Download  The I-Series - Specs

The DuraFlex
The DuraFlex console is designed with ultra strong poly components that reinforce all the points where traditional consoles fail. The DuraFlex gives you the efficiency, durability and flexibility you need making it an asset to your company for many years.
PDF Download  The DuraFlex - Specs


Paper Eaters is aware that document destruction is as imperative to small businesses as it is to large corporations to stay compliant with government regulations. However, the importance to shred personal information is just as great for individuals and families to protect themselves against identity theft.

Anything placed in the garbage is open and available to the public. Also, items in the trash are delivered to landfills. Shredding paper is not only a safe and secure way of preventing valuable information from getting into the hands of the wrong people. It is also a great way to contribute to helping the environment.

The shredded material is transported to a recycling facility for processing allowing the paper to be used again instead of wasting space in a landfill. By shredding paper instead of throwing it out, you provide numerous environmentally friendly alternatives to disposing of it rather than simply discarding it. You can help prevent the destruction of more forests as seventeen pulp trees are saved for every ton of paper shredded and recycled. Papers and folders that would normally become waste are shredded, then compacted and recycled. All paper, metal from binders and even manila folders are recycled. It's a quick and easy process for companies and individuals because the materials do not need to be sorted – removal of paperclips and staples are not required.


Paper Eaters complies with all laws and regulations enforced by the FTC that are in regards to Data Safeguard. For more information on these laws, visit the links below.

Paper Eaters is a proud member of the Back Mountain Business Association and the Wilkes-Barre Chamber of Commerce. Visit the links below for more information.